Your experiences inspire great ideas.
Our experience brings them to market.

Tech SPA, a simple product accelerator, goes beyond welcoming great product ideas. We provide success under one roof from idea2commercialization to build and bring ideas to light.

You are free to invent.
We are equipped to commercialize.

Idea Hound
Qualifies ideas

Relentlessly pursues to bring bright ideas to the light and ensures idea-to-market success.

1. Idea Hound
Qualifies ideas
Screens IP
3. Market Research
Assesses market
4. Idea2Prototype
Develops products
5. Bean Counter
Accounting & finance
6. Infrastructure
HR / Office space
7. E-Den
Drives exits
8. SPA Capital
Provides funding

You define your success.
We will help take you there.

All-round expertise

Access to

The Tech SPA is a unique idea2exit organization that offers integrated solutions for innovative product concepts in the Brick-n-Mortar space.

No Equity

No Equity Sharing

Entrepreneurs retain 100% control of their equity in the enterprise. The Tech SPA relationship is specifically product-based.


Risk Mitigation

The Tech SPA takes on all the risk, including non-collateral loan capital offered for transforming ideas into commercial success.



The Tech SPA is a learning experience for the entrepreneurial team to build and market their products for success.


Smooth Exit

The Tech SPA gives entrepreneurs the option to continue to build their company or to exit and start a new product with their own capital, with no handcuffs of any kind.

Now accepting new product ideas.


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